Friday, 3 October 2014

This week's GWCT blogs - Heather Burning, Mountain Hares, Woodcock Gifts

This has been our busiest week yet in terms of publishing blogs. Please take a look at what we've had to say this week on a range of issues:

Is it time to ban heather burning? (GWCT Blog)

Heather burning does have benefits - our letter to The Times (GWCT Blog)

Running with the hares - letter to The Herald (GWCT Blog)

Great new woodcock gifts now available (Woodcock Watch Blog)

Calling all farmers - Do not fear, CFE is here! (Peter Thompson's Blog)

Mark Avery - gets it right… and wrong (GWCT Blog)

Chris Packham – “So grouse moors are good for ecology?” (GWCT Blog)

Drilling, Drainage and Dirt (Allerton Project Blog)

Mind your Rhea (Peter Thompson's Blog)

Showing off country sports (Peter Thompson's Blog)

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