Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Have you had any experience with beavers?

In light of the beaver blog we posted on Monday we have been contacted by Tayside Beaver Study Group who are keen to hear from any landowners or land managers who have beaver activity on their land. They have a questionnaire they would like to issue and can also undertake site visits.

Please contact Helen Dickinson on if you would like to share your experiences.

About the Tayside Beaver Study Group

The Tayside Beaver Study Group is an independent and neutral group set up by Scottish Natural Heritage on behalf of the Scottish Government in 2012 to monitor and study the impacts of the beaver population in Tayside. They are gathering information on the impacts of beavers on land use, documenting the experiences of landowners with beaver activity on their land and trailing and offering advice on mitigation methods to minimise beaver/land use conflicts. They are also running a beaver trapping and re-release programme to gather health and genetic information from the population.

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