Friday, 10 October 2014

This week's GWCT blogs - Hen Harriers & Defra, Peter Wilson, Cornish Farmers, RSPB, Gritting

Please take a look at the new blogs published by the GWCT this week:

What the GWCT thinks of Defra's statement on their hen harrier recovery plan (GWCT News)

Our reaction to Defra's response to the Hen Harrier recovery plan petition.
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Following in Peter Wilson's footsteps (GWCT News)

Find out how Olympic Gold winner Peter Wilson started out at one of our Young Shooter's days when he was just 14.
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Cornish farmers - doing their bit for wildlife (Peter Thompson's Blog)

Peter Thompson visits Cornwall and sees first hand how farmers are helping wildlife.
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Your chance to find out what the RSPB think about shooting (GWCT News)

The RSPB's Chief Executive Mike Clarke has agreed to give a talk at our forthcoming annual conference on 29th October.
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Time for a gritting holiday? (GWCT News)

GWCT Advisor Hugo Straker suggests taking a year off from using medicated grit to help safeguard the future of your grouse.
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