Friday, 31 October 2014

This week's blogs - GWCT Conference, Woodcock, World Population, Water Friendly Farming

Please take a look at the blogs we've published this week:

2014 Conference as it happened on Twitter
(GWCT Blog)

Read a compilation of all the tweets from our annual conference.
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Residents and Migrants
(Woodcock Watch Blog)

Chris Heward discusses the data received from resident woodcock during the project.
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Do you have Leopards and Cows in your own back yard?
(Peter Thompson's Blog)

Following the discovery of a brand new species of frog found living under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Peter urges you to keep your eyes open.
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The Elephant in the room - world population growth
(Peter Thompson's Blog)

Peter continues the debate with Phil Jarvis regarding the effects of the growing world population.
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Water Friendly Farming results
(Allerton Project Blog)

Latest results to emerge from the Water Friendly Farming project were presented to a mixed audience of MPs, civil servants, researchers and NGO representatives in Westminster.
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