Monday, 3 March 2014

Join our Partridge Count Scheme

Our spring Grey partridge count is currently taking place as we attempt to measure breeding abundance in the UK.

We've been running this voluntary scheme since 1933 to help us assess and improve partridge numbers through effective management and conservation.

Counts help identify what is limiting partridge numbers while success motivates further effort.

Landowners and managers who take part in the count scheme are then able to witness first-hand the outcome of their management in successive counts.

We need your help

We're asking farmers, land managers, landowners, keepers and shoots who want to help conserve their grey partridge to join, count and submit their findings to us.

What we give to help you count and increase partridges numbers

- Forms and instructions on how to count in a standardised and systematic way.
- Site-specific guidance based on your count results.
- A twice-yearly newsletter with research news, advice and local information.
- Regional groups offering talks and discussions with GWCT advisors and scientists.
- Farm visits to see partridge conservation in practice.

Join the scheme online

We hope you'll join the Partridge Count Scheme and help us reverse the decline in Grey partridge numbers.

You can join quickly and easily online >

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