Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How we saved money with sustainable energy at the Allerton Project

The Allerton Project’s eco-visitors’ centre was designed to be energy efficient. Here are some statistics showing how it has performed in terms of its energy consumption and usage after just one year.

£3,352 saved on oil costs. Instead 14.5 tonnes of wood has been burnt by the woodchip boiler, cutting our CO2 by 13.8 tonnes.

£225 - the cost of producing our own fuel – 90 tonnes of woodchip. Based on chipping cost at £15 per tonne.

5,930 kilowatts of electrical power have been produced by our solar panels, saving us £711 compared with purchasing from the grid. It has also brought in income through the Feed In Tariff payments, which have generated £2,490. This has reduced our CO2 emissions by 3.11 tonnes.

About the Allerton Project

The Allerton Project's aims are to research the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment, and to share the findings from this research through educational activities.

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