Thursday, 6 February 2014

Why you need to attend the GWCT research conference

The State of Nature report made gloomy reading and the latest CAP reforms will present a new set of challenges as we attempt to achieve our 2020 conservation targets.

We are therefore holding our second research conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 13th May to mobilise conservationists, farmers, policy makers and all those wishing to meet future conservation targets.

We will discuss how we can inspire the continued revival of wildlife populations and share our latest thinking and new research findings.

Professor Nick Sotherton, the GWCT’s director of research, says, “To make the next generation of agri-environment schemes work more effectively, we need to refine our research and its delivery to get a ‘bigger bang for our buck’! It is therefore vital that conservationists, politicians and scientists work collectively to achieve dramatic improvements in wildlife recovery.”

Just announced - BASIS CPD points now available for attendees

The GWCT’s research conference will present the results of more than 40 years of research and will show how this work to date has helped drive existing agri-environment schemes.  But what more can be done?

Professor Sotherton explains, “Our research has been pivotal in developing innovative and workable solutions for reviving a range of wildlife such as  wild grey partridges, brown hare and water voles.  A key aspect of recovery will always be to get more people on the ground targeting recovery more accurately. Well-researched solutions are therefore key to this and an aim of our conference is to share successes, pin-point workable solutions and importantly identify how these can be delivered on the ground to help achieve rapidly approaching conservation targets.”

Richard Benyon MP, former environment minister, will officially open the conference with a keynote speech.  Professor Sotherton says, “Richard Benyon is a passionate environmentalist and his personal insight on Government thinking and funding will prove invaluable.”


Places are strictly limited so we advise you to take advantage of our early booking discount offer of £5 off, making tickets only £40 each with lunch provided.

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