Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why we all owe it to our kids to be part of the wildlife revival

The Beaulieu River, New Forest
As the father of a highly excitable 2-year old it’s great to have the New Forest on our doorstep, it provides the perfect environment for her to let off some steam and burn off some excess energy.

It’s also a great place to introduce her to British wildlife. One of my favourite things about being a dad is when Anna stops charging around outside because she’s seen something that fascinates her, something she’s never seen before. All of a sudden I’m viewing the world through the eyes of a child, stopping to look at things more closely.

As we were walking across a place called Godshill near GWCT HQ in Fordingbridge I said to my wife ‘did you know a recent study showed that 60% of recorded wildlife species were in decline?’ She couldn’t believe it. It's a shocking statistic when you first hear it.

I tend to look at things differently now I’ve got a kid. I think about not only my future but her future too. If 60% of British wildlife is in decline now what’s that figure going to look like when she’s my age with kids? How many species will be extinct altogether in this country?

I’ve been working at the GWCT for nearly a year now and I’ve seen how hard the team are working to try and reverse that 60% decline. Research conducted at our pioneering Allerton Project farm has shown what can be achieved, with songbird numbers increasing 42% over 10 years.

Be part of the wildlife revival for just £5

At the GWCT we are all committed to helping the British countryside thrive now and in the future. With the generous support of our members we are able to conduct the research that is so vital to restoring wildlife population levels.

For just £5 per month you too can be part of the wildlife revival by becoming a GWCT member. It's quick and easy to join online and a GWCT membership entitles you to a host of exclusive benefits.

Rob Beeson
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

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