Monday, 22 June 2015

Help us breathe new life into our displays with your stuffed animals

by Austin Weldon, GWCT Advisory Team

Throughout the year the advisory and research teams attend lots of shows and events. Whilst it’s great having well-presented posters demonstrating our work for wildlife and game conservation, nothing really beats having good quality taxidermy as a talking point about the species in question.

Whilst looking in the store room recently it became very apparent that our existing collection of stuffed specimens are looking quite tired - and rightly so - they have educated and inspired many people over the years.

We would very much like to expand our collection of exhibits and replace the old ones, so if you have any thing you can spare which is relevant to our work with British game and wildlife we would gratefully give it a good home. We only ask that it is in good condition and that you don’t need it back in the future.

Please contact Lynda Ferguson on or 01425 651013 to let us know what you have on offer.

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