Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Top 10 GWCT blog posts of 2014

We launched this blog at the start of 2014 in an attempt to share more news and insight with GWCT members and non-members alike. By promoting our blogs posts through our free weekly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook we have been able to reach an ever-growing audience and look forward to publishing more informative blog posts from across the Trust in 2015.

As you will see from the list of our 10 most-read blog posts below, one issue in particular has dominated this year...

1. Mark Avery calls for grouse shooting ban...
2. The selfish, stupid actions of one man
3. Hen Harrier Recovery Plan - the RSPB's fears allayed
4. Defra led Joint Action Plan for Hen Harriers - what the GWCT thinks
5. Chris Packham - "So grouse moors are good for ecology?"
6. Defra about to save hen harriers?
7. Has the RSPB found a silver bullet?
8. Pine Martens and Capercaillie
9. What the GWCT thinks of Defra's statement on their hen harrier recovery plan
10. GWCT letter to The Times on grouse moor management

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