Friday, 7 November 2014

This week's blog posts: gamekeeper sentenced, woodcock return, value of farmland

Take a look at this week's posts from across the GWCT:

The selfish, stupid actions of one man (GWCT News)

Andrew Gilruth (@AndrewGilruth) responds to the sentencing of gamekeeper Allen Lambert, guilty of "the worst case of bird of prey poisoning" recorded in England.
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There's gold in them there hills! (Peter Thompson's Blog)

Peter Thompson discusses the value of farmland, which has increased by 12% so far this year in England and by an incredible 187% over the last decade.
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The myths of migration (Woodcock Watch Blog)

Chris Heward (@woodcockwatch) investigates the origins of the goldcrest’s traditional folk name of ‘Woodcock Pilot’.
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Our letter to The Telegraph on bird population crash (GWCT News)

Chris Stoate (@CStoate) discusses our research at Allerton and how bird numbers have benefited from game management.
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Flurry of activity as woodcock begin their return
(Woodcock Watch Blog)

A number of our tagged woodcock have now started their journeys back to the UK and we have received a flurry of location updates.
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Harvesting mice in Guildford! (Peter Thompson's Blog)

Peter visits a live trapping project set up by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

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