Thursday, 15 May 2014

Your responses to proposed 2014 General Licences changes

Earlier this week we asked our members to comment on our response to Natural England's proposed changes to the class and general licences.

While the changes are essentially aimed at protecting vulnerable species, many have raised concerns about several of the proposals, including onerous new requirements for those involved in wildlife management.

You can read our draft response here and leave a comment.

Below is a selection of the many comments we have received so far:

"I support your reasoned and logical response. Shooting remains the most effective method of pest control over crops and often takes over where other methods have failed."

"The GWCT back up their opinions with sound scientific fact which they are happy to demonstrate publicly. I do not think it is asking too much to expect Natural England to do the same. If they can demonstrate, with sound scientific research, the need to make Changes to Class & General Licences 2014 then I will certainly be prepared to consider giving them my backing. The current Class & General Licences system works. Natural England must be required to demonstrate why any changes should be made."

"I have been pondering how to unravel this consultation and respond as an individual, so your balanced and thoughtful reply to what is a 'Curates Egg' of a document ( a protected species of course!) is very timely. Well done to Dr Leake and all at GWCT who contributed."

"I fully endorse the GWCT's reply and agree with them that Natural England do not give enough reasons or actual facts or clear or concise evidence as to why these changes should be introduced."

"Legislation is a blunt tool, indiscriminate and too often irreversible. Where any species has no natural predator except humans we, the custodians of our wildlife and landscape, have to be able to act - it's a question of balance and humans, not the law, are the only ones able to take decisions tailored to individual sites or species. Less regulation, more education and even appreciation of what we do when done well is, in my view, the way forward."

"I found this a really useful and informative document. I would like to offer my support of the view that species protection should be altered both up and down according to its conservation status. The protection of vulnerable species through controlling the extreme numbers of others that are successful at their expense is very important. I agree that control of pest species should not be made any more difficult than it is at present, and hope that the draft response is able to prevent any unhelpful changes in legislation."

"We are in an era that seeks to reduce excessive regulations and red tape. Strong and valid proportionate evidence is needed before adding to the status quo of guidelines/regulation/ and law. We strongly support the GWCT response."

"Don't we have enough stupid restrictions in the countryside?"

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